The Vision

  • FotoNoggin has the vision to become one of the global leader of Digital Media Services
  • FotoNoggin’s mission is to create a home/agency for Photographers, Videographers, Digital Techs, and Graphic Designers
  • FotoNoggin Non-Profit Organization will be designed to keep the Arts Alive and Focused on Inner City / Underprivileged Youth
  • FotoNoggin has a dream to become a “Gordon Parks / Getty Images Style” agency
  • FotoNoggin would love to setup many Scholarships and Summer Programs
  • FotoNoggin’s present goals are to cover ALL the Top Summits, Tech Tradeshows, Conferences, Galas, Launches, Exclusive, and Celebrity Events
  • FotoNoggin aims at producing Influencing Corporate Material
  • FotoNoggin has many secret projects that will revolutionize the Industry, including a Game-Changing Photo App coming soon
  • FotoNoggin is currently developing a series of Chef and Food Books
  • FotoNoggin has the intention of starting to implement Monthly and Possibly Yearly Contracts for our services

FotoNoggin, It’s in The Name!