Why FotoNoggin?

The FotoNoggin Team has worked very hard to build an outstanding reputation for high quality work, working with Global Brands that demand and expect the highest standards using a transparent process.

FotoNoggin feels different because of its “Mom & Pop” sense of service, hospitality and vibe. Discover how FotoNoggin can help you create great images for your brand that demands and expects the highest standards. FotoNoggin offers incredible fast response time and our work ethic is beyond words. Professionalism at its finest, FotoNoggin even delivers images during the event for you to post to Social Media, with a direct feed to Twitter and Instagram. Delivering photos-on-demand for any brand that demands way more than a regular photography service!

It’s in The Name!

FotoNoggin is a leading professional digital media service company based in Miami, covering conferences, conventions, seminars, galas, launches for a variety of different clients with a creative-engaging and relaxed approach.

FotoNoggin’s owner, Douglas Lance is proud to say that most of FotoNoggin’s work comes from repeat clients and word of mouth recommendations.

His team consist of a handful of dedicated, like minded visionaries that help capture not only what the client wants, but provides emotional content with every frame captured.

Douglas Lance

FotoNoggin is Owned by Douglas Lance, A Professional Photographer with 15+ years of experience.

Douglas spent his youth growing up in Germany as a military dependent in the United States Air Force. As his love for photography grew so did his vision and after trial and error FotoNoggin was born.

It’s more then just a name, it’s a constant reminder to Aim High, Fight, Focus and above all else “use your head” when doing anything you love. He has a real passion for photographing and providing not only high quality images for clients, but to bring a quality of service and hospitality unseen in the industry.

Photo: Douglas Lance & Alicia Keys

The FotoNoggin Team

What makes FotoNoggin different as well is its team!

Christine offers an extra level of customer service, she is the liaison between FotoNoggin and your Brand. She adds extensive value to FotoNoggin and facilitates the clients wants and needs. She oversees the relationship between FotoNoggin and the Client.

Contact FotoNoggin, Douglas, Christine or any other team member by clicking here.

Photo: Douglas Lance & Paris Hilton


Our Clients range from hotel brands such as SBE group to global food companies like USAPEEC and PR companies like Brustman Carrino to Medical conferences such as the Cardiometabolic Risk Summit. We work with clients that expect only the best and highest quality of imagery to convey their message and reach their audience.

The Vision

  • FotoNoggin has the vision to become one of the global leader of Digital Media Services
  • FotoNoggin’s mission is to create a home/agency for Photographers, Videographers, Digital Techs, and Graphic Designers
  • FotoNoggin Non-Profit Organization will be designed to keep the Arts Alive and Focused on Inner City / Underprivileged Youth
  • FotoNoggin would love to setup many Scholarships and Summer Programs
  • FotoNoggin’s present goals are to cover ALL the Top Summits, Tech Tradeshows, Conferences, Galas, Launches, Exclusive, and Celebrity Events
  • FotoNoggin aims at producing Influencing Corporate Material
  • FotoNoggin has many secret projects that will revolutionize the Industry, including a Game-Changing Photo App coming soon
  • FotoNoggin is currently developing a series of Chef and Food Books
  • FotoNoggin has the intention of starting to implement Monthly and Possibly Yearly Contracts for our services

FotoNoggin, It’s in The Name!